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Very Small Japanese Car


The first time I saw that car, it was in the streets of Kyōto:


très petite voiture


It probably was the smallest car I had ever seen. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a better shot than that one, and let’s admit it, while the car seems small, the picture doesn’t really show how small it is.

Luckily I saw the exact same model a few more times, including on Ogijima, as one of the two or three cars that are on the island is this very model:


petite voiture


Now you see what I mean by very small



4 thoughts on “Very Small Japanese Car”

  1. That’s even smaller than the little electric cars a lot of old people drive over here. You can drive one without a licence, which doesn’t seem right to me since they’re big enough to knock kids off scooters!
    Hope all is going well with the baby preparations. Not long now I think? Oh, and don’t let your wife read my Sheep Shenanigans blog post!

    1. Cars without a licence in France can be dangerous for kids, but no more than a bicycle or a moped can really (which doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous).
      Baby preparations are doing well. Everything is pretty much ready. We’re only missing the baby. S/He (still not 100% although it’s most likely a “she”) could arrive any day now. I’ll drop a note here when it arrives.
      And no worries about your post, my wife can’t read English. 😉

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