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For many people, Japan is Tokyo, or even Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi…

For me, this is Japan:


Sure, this is not only that, but this is also that. And honestly, I think that this picture represents more closely “real” Japan than the neighborhoods previously mentioned (which may be representative and characteristic of Tokyo, but definitely not of Japan).

And for those of you who would like to know more about this picture, it was taken a year ago, just outside of Karato on Teshima.



12 thoughts on “This is Japan!”

  1. That is very true David. The stereotypical image of Japan is the big modern city like Tokyo or Osaka, but Japan is much more than that with spectacular natural beauty and landscapes. I love living in the mountains of Gifu surrounded by nature.

  2. It’s the same with France. People from other countries immediately think of Paris with the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. For the inhabitants, it’s generally something much different, either a small town or the countryside. Our own view would be quite like your photo with muddy patches, electric fencing and livestock!

  3. I’ve just realized I’ve never seen a cow in rural Niigata, despite regular trips to that area. No big farm animals at all. Why is that? Bears had them for lunch?

    However, having said that, I absolutely agree that rural rice farms nestled in mountain valleys are my idea of Japan. ^^

    1. I think those are actually the only cows I’ve seen in Japan.
      Actually, I think not a lot of cattle is raised in Japan (and it’s sad that most of the meat we eat here is imported). But the islands here have a history of having cows. One day I need to tell the story of the Ogijima cows.
      Well, you have it there actually.

        1. You’re welcome.
          The thing is that all I know about them is already in that link. But if one day I learn more details, I will share them for sure.

  4. Oh, nice to see a conversation about cows ensuing! I didn’t see the link. Can you tell me about the Ogijima cows?

    1. Oh, I think I’ve never talked about Ogijima cows here.
      I guess I meant to, waited to know more and then never actually did it.
      OK, I need to write a post about them one day. Ogijima used to be locally famous for its cows. They’re all gone now. 🙁
      If you don’t see anything about them on the blog in a few weeks, do not hesitate to nag me about it.

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