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Straw Elephant - Setouchi Art Festival - Shodoshima
Straw Art by Musashino Art University


I don’t like it much when people say “sorry I haven’t posted a lot on my blog lately” but… sorry I haven’t posted a lot on my blog lately… Who knew that having a baby was so time consuming?

Sooner or later, I will find a rhythm that’ll allow me to still try to be a decent dad while still be able to write posts with content in here, but not just yet.

Meanwhile, on the Art Setouchi official website, I found out that they’re currently publishing in English some texts from the Setouchi International Art Festival 2010 Artworks Catalog, an amazing book, serving as a retrospective of the Festival, but containing much more than that, i.e. a bunch of information about the islands, their culture, history and more. Only problem, while the book is bilingual, not everything has been translated into English. Apparently, those are these previously untranslated articles that are being published in English now. I really advise them to you if you have the slightest interest in the Seto Inland Sea and/or Kagawa (which I assume you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading these lines.



2 thoughts on “Straw Elephant”

  1. That’s one cool elephant!
    Once you have kids, you wonder what on earth you used to do with all that free time you obviously used to have but never realised!

    1. Yeah, I loved this elephant. Everybody did. (it’s gone now. 🙁 )
      Oh, I know what on earth I used to do before being a dad. I used to write blogs (plural). 😉

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