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Ritsurin Garden – October 2021

It seems that I have already published pictures of Ritsurin Garden not too long ago.

Well, I seriously doubt that you will complain if I post a new batch, will you?

Especially because if last time, the pictures were months old, today, they are all certified fresh from yesterday afternoon!


There were a few more people than the last time I went, but it was still mostly empty, just like in the good old days when Takamatsu wasn’t a tourist destination yet. The pandemic has messed with our lives in so many ways, but the one thing I won’t complain about is that it has put a stop to mass tourism, at least for now.

Apart from that, we’re currently in a weird season when summer is gone for good but autumn is not quite there yet (I’m referring to yesterday’s weather and the garden’s colors here because today definitely feels like winter). So the park is still quite green, but there is not much going on, except for the koi carps that are always hungry, of course.

There also was this small soft-shelled turtle that came out of the water to beg me for some food. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen one coming out of the water, I always thought they were almost exclusively aquatic, unlike their hard-shelled cousins.

The rest of the visit was quite uneventful. We walked, had a good time, the kids fed the fish and played. A nice family afternoon in Takamatsu…




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