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Newlyweds in Ritsurin Park


Sorry for the lack of posts these days (I’m embarrassed I haven’t posted about my trip to Shamijima for previewing the Setouchi Triennale there yet) but this time of the year is probably the busiest at work and as a consequence, I’m sometimes too tired at night to post anything. At to that the fact that I got pretty sick a few days ago (I thought adults didn’t get gastroenteritis?) and you’ll understand why I’m pretty quiet right now.

So, in hopes you’ll forgive me, I give you this cute picture of newlyweds in the Ritsurin Park:


Newlyweds in Ritsurin Park



I hope I’ll be back tomorrow with my Shamijima report (but if we’re unlucky, we may have to wait until Monday)



3 thoughts on “Newlyweds in Ritsurin Park”

    1. Well, it was just a photoshoot, not exactly the actual wedding.
      As you may know, Japanese people sometimes do have photoshoots before or after the actual wedding, and in Takamatsu, Ritsurin Park is a popular spot for those.

      1. Yes, that is what I meant by a wedding party. We do a similar thing in Australia, where we often visit a park or beautiful garden to take photos of the bride, groom and family.

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