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Here is what you may encounter when you go for a walk in my neighborhood:


Kawaii Matsunawa



8 thoughts on “Kawaii in Fuseishi”

    1. It is indeed everywhere.
      No, I didn’t wave, this was in my neighborhood. I’m still new here, but I’m recognizable. I’d like to have a good reputation. 😉

      (on a side note Rorousha, I wanted to comment on your blog a few days ago, but your comments are not open to everyone, only Blogger users and a few other services )

      1. Oops! Sorry for the late reply! Other readers have grumbled at me, too. Gomen! I’ve changed the comments settings on my blog so that anybody can comment, even anonymously. 🙂

        PS: If your reputation is important to you, you should definitely not wave to weird females. ^^

        1. Thanks for allowing us people not on Blogger to comment on your blog. Will do soon. 🙂

          (also, you know you can subscribe to receive notifications when there’s a reply to your comments here)

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