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Japanese people always respect the law and the rules…


Japanese people always respect the law and the rules.

We all know that:


Bicycles in Japan



8 thoughts on “Japanese people always respect the law and the rules…”

    1. It’s in front of Takamatsu station. Although this picture was taken two months ago, it was my first “busted cliché” experience during my first hours in Japan a couple of years ago (yes before seeing this, I did believe that Japanese people always follow the rules).

    1. Hi and welcome here and thank you for commenting.
      Actually, I don’t live in Japan (not yet) but as my wife is Japanese we go back and forth as often as possible and while I’m there I always make sure I collect enough material for this blog to last me hopefully until the next trip.
      And I’m far from being fluent, I just know about a hundred words and the only sentences I can make with those words are the ones ending with です or ですか. There’s a long road ahead for me (but trying to somewhat learn the language is one of my resolutions for 2011.

  1. But you see, they DID follow the rules. They left a walkway! So technically, they followed the rule to the letter – the path with the no bike parking sign is clear. In Tochigi there would be no walkway, and the bikes wouldn’t be parked in orderly rows. 🙂

    1. I see. But the photo is misleading, they didn’t leave room for the walkway to follow the rules but to be able to enter the supermarket, which is the reason why they came for most of them.

  2. Good luck with the language study! Thinking of taking advantage of the American or Delta Haneda promotion. Will check back for suggestions on what to do in Japan!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by April.
      Since the last time I posted here, I actually started learning, so now I know a little more Japanese (I’m still far from anywhere near fluent though, but now I can say a few things that have to do with going places, eating and drinking things. 🙂 )
      Please come back as often as you’d like. As soon as I’m finished with my full report of the Festival, I’ll tackle my past trips in details, although you’ll see that Tokyo is not exactly my cup of tea (but yeah, since Haneda opened to international flights I heard that they have some very attractive prices)

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