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Island Fanfare


As you know, the Setouchi Triennale takes shape mostly through artworks on various islands. But it is also a series of events that go from a famous actress performing a theater play on many of the islands beaches to a moving music jam that you run into almost by chance by the ferry pier:


Island Fanfare


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I don’t know much more about them. Just a group of people playing music while walking around: they started the day in the streets of Ogijima, there, we met with them in Takamatsu Sunport thanks to an acquaintance who told us about them, we followed them to Bengal Island, and if I’m not wrong, they finished the day in Uno Port. I recognized some Koebi Tai members among them and the people that helped them and the ambiance was definitely similar to the one that goes on among the organization members (friendly, relaxed, welcoming, etc). That too is the Setouchi Triennale.…



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