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Coming Soon to Ogijima: Damonte & Co

  There is currently a small problem on Ogijima. In 2016, two of its most popular cafés have closed. Murakami Shoten, the small restaurant owned and managed by Ms Murakami for about 60 years or so recently closed. Ms Murakami’s health didn’t allow her to...

Setouchi Triennale 2016 on Teshima

A few days after visiting Inujima and Teshima, we went to… Teshima! Again. However, it’s a different “we”. This time, I didn’t go with my family, but with my friend Cathy Hirano, who also co-writes an awesome blog about Takamatsu and its surroundings. It goes...


    This is the roof of one of the abandoned traditional houses on Ogijima. It’s been like this since last summer I believe (probably caused by a typhoon). Sad.    

Japanese Roofs

Japanese Roofs

  I remember that during my first trip to Japan (possibly even my first hours in Japan), one of the things that fascinated me the most were traditional Japanese roofs.     Of course, nowadays, they’re a pretty common sight – pretty much a daily...