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Waka-ayu (若鮎)

Waka-ayu“? What is that?

Waka-ayu is this:

Waka-ayu (若鮎)

I get it, you want more info. Alright:

Waka-ayu, means “young ayu” (Ayu being some sort of trout that lives only in Eastern Asia). And maybe it’s because Ayu fishing is only authorized a few weeks a year that Japanese people decided to shape a pastry in its image, so that they can eat it any time of the year. Yeah, you know them Japanese people, always trying to eat things they shouldn’t be eating, and if they really can’t, they’ll just eat something else. As long as they eat, it’s all good for them.

And in the present case, I must tell you that Waka-ayu is delicious indeed, and for once, it’s not a pastry with Azuki inside, as the filling is called Gyūhi, which is made with rice. The outside is basically crêpe (kinda sorta pancakes but not really).

One final link to see it being made and more if you can read Japanese.


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    1. I can’t exactly remember if I had eaten something from this plate seconds before or it’s simply a stain in the ceramic. Does it matter?

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