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Ritsurin Garden Visit in Late November


Yes, I know, I don’t currently post enough, and seeing that we’re in the heart of Fall season, I know what you’re all waiting for and expecting from me, a very specific post! No, I’m not testing your patience on purpose and rejoice, the test and the wait are over. Here is the post. Of course, it is about my late November Ritsurin Garden visit of the year!

Not much to tell you except that it was stunningly beautiful as usual, that it was cold and that it was crowded.

Oh, one important detail if you ever plan on visiting Ritsurin Garden in Takamatsu. As you’ll see on the pictures, the light is not ideal. The reason is simple, Ritsurin Garden was kinda designed to be visited in the morning. I know it, but every time I attempt to get there before noon, I fail miserably (I’m not a morning person, so unless I have to to go work or to an island, I don’t exactly see the point of getting ready and out of my home before lunch). This year, we however tried to get there earlier than usual, that is in very early afternoon. Unfortunately, minutes before leaving, Hana decided that it was time for a very long nap. So we failed again this year and got there way too late in the afternoon for the season. It wasn’t dark yet, but the sun was already starting to get low and dangerously close to Shiun-zan. As a consequence, too many pictures ended up being against the light. So once again, I didn’t take the pictures I wanted to take. Hopefully next year. (no, it’s not a hidden way to tell you to stay tuned until next year.. but… stay tuned until next year indeed).


Ritsurin Garden - Late November - 19


Ritsurin Garden - Late November - 20


Ritsurin Garden - Late November - 34



That’s all for today, hoping that this virtual visit of Ritsurin Garden will make you plan a real one soon.



2 thoughts on “Ritsurin Garden Visit in Late November”

  1. I know what you mean by not being able to get up before noon, rather get out before noon. I have the same problem.

    Either way, looks nice. I might end up revisiting Ritsurin again in the future if I am that way and have the time. Hard to make time to visit when the islands call you so strongly. ^^

    1. These days I always get up before noon (with the little one, I have no option) but yes, getting ready before noon is another story (actually, I should be heading to the shower instead of typing here seeing it’s 11.15am 😉 ).
      Next time you’re in the area, definitely make a stop at Ritsurin though, it’d be a shame to miss it.

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