I’m finished packing (ok, I’ll be in an hour or two).

We’ll be leaving Agen tomorrow at dawn, heading to Toulouse. There we’ll take a plane from Frankfurt and from there to Osaka, where we’ll take a bus to Takamatsu.


Ogicho on Ogijima


What is planned so far:

  • A day on Ogijima (of course)
  • A day on Teshima, because I love the island as much as Ogijima, there’s new art on it, we want to eat at Shima Kitchen, and just because…
  • Maybe Oshima (see post from three days ago)
  • Maybe Okayama and Shiraishijima (Personal message: Amy, if you read this, we’re still not sure if we can manage two days in a row away from Takamatsu, I’ll contact you some time this week).
  • Yashima : I visited the temple way too quickly my first time there, and I want to visit the aquarium; guess what, it has manatees in it, one of my favorite animals (this dates back from my time in Florida). Also Yashima is one of the best spot to take amazing pictures of the Setouchi islands (well, except that rainy season is around the corner, so I can’t promise anything about amazing pictures).
  • Zentsuji : Apparently, Tuesday the 14th is Kōbō-Daishi‘s birthday and there will be lots of events in Zentsuji (where he was born).
  • As far as the other days are concerned, there are a few surprises. I’m sure my parents in-law prepared some for us, and I may or may not have a few up my sleeve too, we’ll see. 😉


Unfortunately (for you) it is very unlikely that I will be blogging during these two weeks (at best a picture or two), but the good news is that I will have plenty of new material when I’m back (well, I’m far from being done with the old one). If you’re too impatient, I’m sure there are a few older posts that you haven’t read. 😉





2 thoughts on “Ready to go”

    1. It seems like it. We’re having trouble finding two “free” days in a row to go to Okayama.
      It’ll be on the top of the list for next time though.

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