Otorii and your opinion


First, two more pictures of my Itsukushima/Miyajima’s Otorii:


Miyajima's Otorii


Itsukushima's Otorii



Secondly, I’m interested in your opinion my beloved regular readers (all 20 of you).

I’ve been wondering something for the past few days. It was triggered by a few discussions I had recently (along the lines of friends asking: “David, you have this great blog about Japan, but why don’t you blog about France?” – I added “great”) as well as the fact that these days, summer being here, I’ve been visiting some of the places I love above all in my home area (South West France), watching them with a different eye this time as it may be the last time I see most of them in a very long time (chances that I move to Japan in 2012 are not equal to zero anymore).

So, I’ve started wondering too: Why don’t I blog about France? “Ogijima.com style”, that is not about the famous and cliché things (says he while posting two pictures of Miyajima’s Otorii), but about those great and amazing places not many foreigners know about (if you don’t include the Brits, the Belgians and the Dutch as they know French South West very well)?

I’m still thinking about it.

Right now, I see three options :

  1. Start blogging about French places, here, on this blog. I’m reluctant to do it though, because I feel that the theme of this blog won’t be as clear, and regular readers (yes, you guys) read it for Japan, they may not care about France. In other words, this blog could lose its “soul” (do blogs have souls?), not being about Shikoku and Kagawa anymore but being about “Places David likes” (because if I include France, I could also include my trips to other countries too)
  2. Start a new blog, just about France. The good: I won’t mix apples and oranges. The bad: I’m not sure I have enough time for a new blog, I write too many already, and updates on this blog here may become less frequent (while my current goal is to try to make them more frequent, I have so many posts from my French blog to bring here, not mentioning the ones that haven’t been written yet, months worth of posts). The question: What should I call it anyway?
  3. Nevermind. I should forget it. While it’s not necessarily a bad idea, I should start a new blog, and focus more on this one and write on it more often, not less often.
What so you guys think?

What option should I choose? 1, 2 or 3 (unless you have a fourth one I haven’t thought about)



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