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I already tell you quite a bit about my life in Takamatsu here. Sure I elude many details, mostly the personal and private ones as they’d be off-topic on this blog. The thing I want to tell you about today under this title is a little experiment I just launched and that could turn out quite interesting… or not. It may continue for years, or be stopped in a few weeks. No idea.

Here is the deal. I’ve owned a smartphone for about a year now, but I have t admit, I still struggle with the idea of becoming “mobile” as far as the internet is concerned. Sure, I read e-mails, my Google Reader subscriptions, I use Foursquare and Google Maps, but beyond that, I find that going on the internet with a mobile is either a gadget or unpractical, very often both. For example, I don’t understand how some people use Twitter and Facebook almost exclusively from their mobiles. I guess I’m too old school already. I mean using content on a mobile, why not, if you like small screens (personally I find the 18 inches screen I’m using right now a bit small), but creating content with one, even a simple tweet feels like a hassle every time for me. And I don’t even have big fingers!


Liminal Air Core - Takamatsu Sunport


But things changed last week, while talking with a friend about it, he unknowingly made me want to try Tumblr. I vaguely knew about it, but never tried it, nor paid close attention to it.

So I created an account and played a little bit with it, created some sort of “mixed bag blog” where I included pretty much anything that I find interesting, without any real focus, the goal being to test the tool and have fun with it. And right now, I’m having fun with it, we’ll see how long it lasts.

The next step was logically to try the mobile app. So I installed it on my phone, and then I had some sort of revelation. Tumblr is some sort of better Twitter! Using the app a little, I realized that it was way more convenient than many (including Twitter’s) and one thing leading to another, I had the idea for this experiment that I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

So, I just created another Tumblr “blog.” It is called Life in Takamatsu and its purpose is to share pictures taken with my cell phone as I go about my day in Takamatsu and around. Some sort of photo-blog spin-off of this current blog if you prefer.

It shouldn’t affect in any way. I know I sometimes have a tendency to try to write too many blogs at once, and my current lifestyle (working full time and raising a baby) is not always compatible with that. But in this case, I’ll be posting only when I’m away from home, i.e. while I’m not in my computer anyway. Don’t expect too much content during the week, but on the week-ends, you may get some unusual glimpses of Takamatsu and/or previews of future posts here.

The best is that you go check it out, subscribe to its RSS feed, and see by yourselves.


Art - Takamatsu Sunport



3 thoughts on “My Life in Takamatsu”

  1. No worries, I tend to call these type of things photo blogs. I checked the site out and it looks really good. I like your layout and the colours you have chosen. Good luck with it 🙂

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