In France, a website was started this week with the aim of collecting various drawings, texts, paintings done in support of Japan. I assume it will be turned into a book later and profits will be given to some NGO, I admit that I didn’t check the details. I’m not really a big fan of this kind of initiative, as the humanitarian value is somewhat overshadowed by a certain self-promotion aspect to it.

I checked it out. There are some very good things, just, moving, touching. Some other much less, some being really insensitive, missing the point, definitely there for self-promotion, full of easily avoidable clichés and so on. If you want to check for yourself this is where it’s happening.

But, let’s talk about positive things, as there’s one drawing in particular that I found extremely touching and moving, expressing feelings in the best possible ways. Incidentally, it was made by my friend Fred Boot (I mean it, it is really one of my favorite, if not my favorite of the bunch, even if it had been made by an anonymous person). He allowed me to share it with you so here it is:


Fred Boot's drawing for Japan


It is also my unusual contribution to Show Me Japan.

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    1. Thanks, I’ll tell him.
      And I agree with you. There’s no need to write “hope” (as a few other drawings) he shows it.

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