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All those Darumas (from a shrine in Kurashiki) to tell you that a year ago I drew the second eye to mine, as today I celebrate the first anniversary of my arrival in Japan (well “celebrate” not really, today was a very normal day, the only special thing is the nasty cold I’ve had for about a week finally seems to be going away… maybe…).



4 thoughts on “Darumas”

  1. Congrats on the accomplishment! For it certainly is one! Sorry to hear you’re not well. I myself was sick 2 weeks ago with the nastiest bug I’ve had in a decade. Probably a shock due to different types of germs and bacteria here in Japan than in the U.S. Hope you get well soon!

    1. Thanks.
      I’m not that sick, just a cold, but it makes me tired enough at night that I’m not in the mood to blog. But I’m better now, the regular publishing pace should resume very soon.

      And yeah, changing continents makes you less resistant to local germs. When I was in the US, I wouldn’t get sick more often, but I’d get sicker when I’d get sick. Here, strangely, it’s the first time I’m sick, but it made me way more tired than I’m used to (well, one big difference is also that when I’m sick in France or in the US, I just take it easy, here the pace won’t change whether I like it or not).

  2. Slightly belated happy anniversary!
    I’ve just been and looked up what darumas are all about, so I’ve learnt something very interesting today from you, thanks!

    1. Thanks.
      And you’re welcome.
      Yeah, I love darumas, they’re kinda silly looking but very cute at the same time (but some people take them very seriously – and they work, the wish I made when I got mine was to find a job in Takamatsu, one year later here I was 🙂 )

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