In many countries, it would be unwise to venture in such dark alleys.

In Japan, and especially in Takamatsu, I warmly advise you to do it.

For example, in this one, on your right you’ll see this:


And on top of these stairs, there’s a pretty interesting small art gallery among other things.


4 thoughts on “Dark Alley in Takamatsu”

    1. Yeah.
      While I’m still struggling with the chaotic dimension of Japanese urban planning, it’s always pleasing to run into such great buildings here and there.

  1. I love strolling and getting lost into alleys, not only in Takamatsu but around Japan. Like you mentioned, there’s chaos in Japanese urban planning but it sure made interesting places to be discovered amongst seemingly boring/scary/suspect looking alleys. 🙂

    1. This chaos both fascinates me (all those things you find next to each other) and annoys me (it seems that even the most straight forward streets create a maze) but I guess I’ll have to get used to it.

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